About Mark


I began work as a full-time potter in 1989 after studying art at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. I have been making pots ever since, learning from my successes, failures, and from those of other artists. My work has been distributed through all fifty states and has travelled to all seven continents. (Yes, I have work in Antarctica).

I work with porcelain and stoneware clays to produce both functional and one-of-a-kind vessels. Most of my pieces are simply decorated to call attention to the form, and I enjoy the challenge of making familiar forms new and simple shapes beautiful. Though some of my pieces reside on display in galleries: my work is made to be used and to aid in making living, in itself, a work of art. 

Pottery will always be interesting to me because of the delicate balance between claiming and relinquishing control that occurs in each piece. Being able to command every curve and nuance on the wheel gives way to trusting your work to the fickle fire of the kiln.

Pottery is my way of building community. Because handmade objects carry the spirit of the artist, pottery connects us to one another in ways that mass-produced objects can’t. My pieces are meant to bring beauty to everyday life, and perhaps the greatest reward is building relationships with the people who take my pots into their lives and homes. I also find community among other potters and value the way we freely share ideas and support one another’s work.